New Class: Tawheed First

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Introduction It is common knowledge that Tawhid is the basis of the religion of Islam and that it is most precisely expressed in the formula لا اله الا الله (There is no God but Allah), which states that there is … Read More

December Lectures

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The following lectures will be held at the masjid during the Christmas holidays.  Please attend and benefit: Programme Date   Saturday 23rd December Christmas: Its Origins & History Tuesday 26th December The Importance of Dawah to Build a Community Please … Read More

Winter Care Packs

Hundreds of thousands of children and older people have been plunged into poverty in the past four years, according to a stark analysis laying bare the challenge to families trying to keep up with the cost of living in Britain. … Read More

Mawlid un Nabi: To Celebrate or Not?

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Introduction Muhammed ﷺ is the final Prophet of Islam and followed by billions of Muslims around the world who believe that following his example will lead to their salvation in the hereafter. Muslims profess their love for the Prophet ﷺ and … Read More

Pay Your Zakah

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Paying zakah on excess wealth is a religious obligation upon all Muslims and is the third of the five pillars of Islam. In Arabic, zakah means purification.  Paying zakah is meant to remind Muslims to be appreciative of the blessings … Read More

Donate to the Masjid

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We need your generous donations to support our dawah and activities.  This includes our core running costs such as bills, staff wages and the cost of weekly classes. Noble brothers & sisters WE NEED YOUR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE to enable us … Read More

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