Bank Holiday Seminar

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Luton Islamic Centre Presents:




A 1 Day Seminar addressing important modern-day issues around the impact of Social Media.

Social Media has become an integral part of our daily lives, for adults and young people, but sadly in many cases this has become a major problem.

From the obsessiveness to look ‘flawless’ for that perfect selfie, to showing off wealth and privilege.

The impact of music, free-mixing, nudity and peer pressure to conform with the current trends.

Making many people feel unworthy, inadequate, lowly and more seriously to become spiritually affected and abandon their faith.

So, come and join us for this unique 1 Day Seminar with your family and friends to understand the problems attached to Social Media and the solution from an Islamic perspective.

We here at Luton Islamic have selected 3 experienced speakers to address the whole ‘Social Media’ issue from all viewpoints.

• Ustadh Aqeel Mahmood;
A graduate from the University of Madinah, a regular Khateeb and Lecturer at Luton Islamic Centre.
He delivers Khutbahs and lectures all over the UK, and has a comprehensive understanding as to the impact that Social Media can have on people.
He shall be starting the Seminar off with the first lecture of the day entitled: ’The Dangers of Wealth and Fame’, as we all know that amongst other issues these two are some of the most well-known on Social Media.
In-shā’-Allāh Ustadh Aqeel will tackle this subject from a modern-day viewpoint and convey an Islamic solution.

• Brother Hussain Thomas (Street to Deen);
An active brother in the Dawah scene, he has insight into behavioural issues with young people, particularly around Peer Pressure and Street/Road Cultures.
He is a passionate and energetic individual who is not shy to talk about serious every day issues that affect our youth, and the impact and the role that Social Media plays in this.
He will be delivering a ‘no holds-barred’ lecture on ’Squad Goals or Deen Goals’, tackling the all-important subject that many of our youth face in these times, shall I please my friends or shall I please Allaah?
A must attend for any young person going through these issues and for parents that have young children and need help in understanding and tackling the serious issue of Peer Pressure!

• Ustadh Waseem Khan;
A popular and well known Khateeb/Lecturer.
Originally from the Midlands he has been delivering Khutbahs and Lectures all around the UK on important and contemporary issues.
He has an in-depth knowledge of the pitfalls of Social Media use and has done many lectures on and around this subject.
He has personally done extensive research around the scientific reasons around ‘Social Media Addiction’ and cures, he shall be delivering the final lecture of the day, ’The Addiction to Social Media.’
This will be an unmissable lecture for everyone, young, old, men and women.
It will be an eye opener for many and expose the reality of this phenomena of Social Media.

Stalls on site on the day:
• Food and drink stall by Olive Tree Primary School
• Bookstall by Abu Abdur Rahman
• Perfume/Athaar Stall by Prestige Perfumes

Open to all brothers and sisters, Muslims and non-Muslims, young and old.

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