Become a Muslim Today!

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Are you considering becoming a Muslim? If so, these videos will help you on your journey to Islam.

In many cases when everything makes sense and feels right, sometimes the final few steps can be the most difficult. Becoming Muslim is understandably the biggest decision of your life.  What will people think? Will I lose my family? These are some of the questions probably on your mind.  However, thousands of Muslim reverts were once at this very stage in their life.  Why not listen to what they have to say?

The following videos offer valuable and beneficial advice that will help you understand what being a Muslim revert is all about.

And remember once you’re happy and ready to become a Muslim, give us a call on 01582 724647/07444 590 020 and we can help you take your shahadah (testimony of faith) and help you learn the basics such as the Prayer. 

May Allah the Most High bless you and guide us all.







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