Winter Care Packs

Hundreds of thousands of children and older people have been plunged into poverty in the past four years, according to a stark analysis laying bare the challenge to families trying to keep up with the cost of living in Britain. … Read More

Pay Your Zakah

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Paying zakah on excess wealth is a religious obligation upon all Muslims and is the third of the five pillars of Islam. In Arabic, zakah means purification.  Paying zakah is meant to remind Muslims to be appreciative of the blessings … Read More

Donate to the Masjid

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We need your generous donations to support our dawah and activities.  This includes our core running costs such as bills, staff wages and the cost of weekly classes. Noble brothers & sisters WE NEED YOUR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE to enable us … Read More

Masjid Extension Appeal

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In 2002 Luton Islamic Centre purchased a masjid. This was the culmination of ten years of calling to tawheed and sunnah. Our call to the Quran and Sunnah met a positive response from many in the Luton community, particularly the … Read More