Excerpts From Islamic History

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’Excerpts of Islamic History,’ a unique set of Lectures spread over a 6-week period, (starting on Monday 29th July), giving us a brief glimpse at some events that took place in the past.

We hope to cover many of the events listed below and attempt to give you some insight into what took place;

• Muslims enter the area known as ‘Sham,’ including Syria, Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq.

• Uthmaan Ra has the Qur’an is written down. 

• Ali ra is killed, bringing an end to the Four Righteous Caliphs

• African Muslims forced into slavery in the United States.

• Europeans Colonize Africa and the Middle East

So we at Luton Islamic Centre invite you, and your families to join us in this unique and remarkable journey every Monday from the 29th July for 6 weeks.

This Lecture series will be delivered by Ustaad Khalid Hassan, he is currently a student at Qaasim University, KSA, he has been very active in the Dawah field in and around London, working in conjunction with The Knowledge College, and also in the Home Counties.



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