Intensive Course – Living in the West as a Muslim Minority

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The Muslim community has been residing in Britain since the 1950’s, it has worked hard and made lots of positive steps towards integration and contributing towards culture and society.  However today we face a new set of challenges arising from the current political and social climate.  It is important for the Muslim community to be equipped with the necessary Islamic knowledge to continue living in peace and to pass on to our future generations.

We are running an intensive course on Friday 21st, Saturday 22nd and Monday 24th July covering issues pertaining to living in the west as a Muslim minority. The course will cover the following topics:

  • How to preserve your faith whilst living in modern Britain
  • How to protect your family from the ill effects of society
  • Coping with rising hate crimes and Islamaphobia
  • Dealing with non Muslims in an exemplary manner
  • Refuting extremist ideas that oppose the peaceful nature of Islam
  • Open questions and answers with the invited speakers

The course is open for both men and women and all talks will be translated into English.

Shaykh Anees Al Musabi – Member of Lajnah Ilmiyah of Darul Birr based in Abu Dhabi and teaches at various Masajid across the UAE and on Abu Dhabi TV.

Shaykh Mohammed Khalifa Albusaeedi – Masters in Usool al Fiqh and teaches in various masajid across the UAE. He graduated from the Faculty of Hadith in Medina University.

Friday 21st July Saturday 22nd July Monday 24th July
  Living amongst non Muslims and integrating into western culture The Fiqh Principles of living in non Muslim societies Lessons from the Seerah of Prophet Muhammed for Muslim minorities


Tuesday 25th July Wednesday 26th July
Explanation of Kashf ash Shubuhaat Part 1

by Shaykh Mohammed Khalifa

Explanation of Kashf ash Shubuhaat Part 2

by Shaykh Mohammed Khalifa


  • Each session will start at 8:00pm and finish at 10:30pm.
  • Overnight accommodation available for brothers in the masjid
  • We will provide free breakfast for guests staying overnight in the masjid
  • Dinner will be provided for all guests attending (7:30pm)


Luton Islamic Centre

116 Bury Park Road



Contact: 07447 822 105 / 07444 590 020

Email:  [email protected]

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