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Luton is home to a young and vibrant Muslim community where many are at the stage of their lives where they want to get married, settle down and start a family.  As simple as it may seem, this process can be complicated for many people as they are torn between religious, cultural and societal norms around marriage and relationships.

The key ingredient that will help people towards attaining a blessed marriage is following divine guidance from the Holy Quran and the teachings of our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him).

The purpose of this course is to provide religious guidance to the following people:

  1. Single or divorced people looking to get married
  2. Guardians and wali’s looking for their children or relatives
  3. Those unhappy in marriage

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Course Programme

Time: Class start after Ishaa 7:30pm

Target Audience Single /divorced people looking to get married
Week Topic Contents
1 Fiqh of Marriage Definition/importance of marriage, Islamic Ruling
2 Rules of Engagement Searching for a spouse, communication, viewings
3 The Nikah Fiqh of Nikah
4 Common Mistakes General advice and guidance


Target Audience Guardians (Wali’s) looking for their children
Week Topic Contents
5 The Role of a Wali The importance, role before and after marriage
6 Advice to the Wali Forced marriages, background checks, references


Target Audience People who are unhappy in their marriage
Week Topic Contents
7 Marriage Problems Mediation, separation, child custody & maintenance
8 Divorce & Khulla Fiqh of Divorce & Khulla


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  1. Kauthar Hussaini
    | Reply

    Assalamualaykum wa rahmatuLlaah

    I’d please like to find out if this course will be streamed live online? If so, please inform me of the medium it’ll be streamed through.

    JazaakumLlahu khieran

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