Masjid Extension Appeal

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In 2002 Luton Islamic Centre purchased a masjid. This was the culmination of ten years of calling to tawheed and sunnah. Our call to the Quran and Sunnah met a positive response from many in the Luton community, particularly the youth. Our range of knowledge based activities for brothers, sisters, and children is designed to educate our future generations of Muslims.

Despite the growing popularity of our dawah, the masjid can only accommodate 350 worshippers. On the day of Jummah the masjid is full and many worshippers pray outside on the street and fill the corridors and entrances and many are not able to attend the prayer.

We therefore need your support to help us raise £350,000 in order to extend the masjid internally. We will build two additional mezzanine floors that will triple the capacity to 1000 worshippers (including sisters). This will enable us to reach out to a much wider audience particularly at Jummah and during the month of Ramadaan. At least once a year, the renovated building will act as a national conference centre.

For the last 23 years we have served the local community through our various provisions including:

  • the five daily prayers
  • a separate prayer and ablution facility for women
  • weekly Friday sermons in the English language
  • weekly islamic educational classes
  • daily Quran classes for boys and girls
  • support for new Muslims and those interested in Islam
  • marriage advice and counselling
  • nikah ceremonies
  • shahada ceremonies for new Muslims
  • national conferences inviting renown Islamic scholars
  • annual camping trips for children and trips for families
  • the publication and dissemination of books and leaflets clarifying and defending Islam

    A 71 year old lady accepted Islam at our

    dawn stall in the town centre

    A professor from the local University accepted

    Islam after researching about Islam

    Local resident Ian accepts Islam at the

    Luton Islamic centre

How to Donate

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