Masjid Extension Works Update

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Unfortunately the masjid is still largely closed due to the construction works at the Luton Islamic Centre which began in July 2018.  We are experiencing a delay with the works due to technical problems with the local authority and building contractors, so at this moment works are currently on hold.

We are working to resolve all the outstanding issues and once we get revised building plans approved by the local authority we will resume building works immediately. Therefore we have revised our completion date for all building works to April 2019 insha’Allah.

This has had a detrimental affect on our daily usage of the Masjid so the current arrangements are as follows:

MENS PRAYER There will be no access to the Men’s Prayer Hall.

Men will use the Women’s Prayer Hall for the 5 daily Prayers.

WOMENS PRAYER There will be no facilities available for Women for the duration of the extension works.
JUMAH PRAYER Jumah Prayer takes place in Bury Park Community Centre, 161-161B Dunstable Road, Luton, LU1 1BW from 1:15pm to 1:45pm

Parking is available in Bury Park and Sainsbury’s car park (free for 2 hours), facilities are for both men and women.

WEEKLY CLASSES There will be no Children’s Dar-ul-Qur’an throughout the time of the Extension Works.

The Saturday Men’s Dar-ul-Qur’an Class shall continue at 8 pm (in the Women’s Prayer Hall).

The Sunday ‘Tawheed First’ Class shall continue at 1:30pm (in the Women’s Prayer Hall).

Finally we urge all our brothers and sisters to be patient during these closures and pray that Allah ﷻ facilitates our affairs so that we can continue serving His cause.

Also please note we are still collecting money for the extension works so please donate generously.

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