New Book For Sale – Entering the Protection of Non Muslims

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Luton Islamic Centre is proud to announce that we are distributing a new book called:

“Entering the Protection of Non Muslims & Its Ramification According to Islamic Law”

Author: Shaykh Abd al-Haq Turkmani

This treatise aims to explain an aspect of the Islamic sharia by detailing rulings that pertain to Muslims living under the protection of, or as co-citizens with, non-Muslims.  This book also aims to acquaint Muslims who reside in the lands of non-Muslims with sharia rulings which they must know, abide by, and adhere to, as much as they can. Also, this treatise seeks to acquaint non-Muslims with notable rulings the lenient sharia legislates in this regard, and which are built on the principles of honesty, justice, faithfulness, and compassion.

Entering the Protection of Non Muslims
Entering the Protection of Non Muslims

A new book being distributed by the Luton Islamic Centre covering the jurisprudential rulings of how  Muslims are expected to behave whilst residing in the western countries.  This book refutes the narrative of contemporary extremist groups that call upon western Muslims to wage war against the their governments and break laws intended to guarantee safety and security.

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