Ramadan Programme 2018

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You are all welcome to join us at the Luton Islamic Centre this Ramadan for:

 Daily Salatul Taraweeh (8 Rakah)
 Beautiful recitation of the Quran
 Daily food provided for iftaar
 Regular reminders after Salatul Taraweeh
 Weekly inspirational lectures by various speakers
 Facilities, taraweeh, Iftaar also for sisters
 Itikaaf in the last 10 days of Ramadan
 A welcoming and friendly congregation
 Everyone is welcome to join us


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  1. Ddddd
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    As salamu alaykum
    You have said that there will iftar everyday and there hasnt been unfortunately i came with people.from out of town and they had to go to a restaurant which was very disappointing and they said that they dont see that problem at other masjids. I understand that it is hard to do one everyday but why is it said then on the website on ramadan programme 2018
    Allah masta an
    Jazakhallahu khairun

    • admin
      | Reply

      Wa alaykum as Salaam
      Dear sister I can confirm that iftaari meal was provided on the day you visited. I checked with other sisters who were present. The meal is given after salatul Maghreb. Perhaps you left before this time?

  2. Joe
    | Reply

    I have been to pray in the sisters section a few times this year and last year and i have to say that the sisters are telling the other sisters to go to pray in the line are making a bad reputation as i have heard many sister complain about the way that they are doing this and that that feel the blessing of going there has been lost. Many of these are young girls that so not want to go to the masjid anymore. How sad this is and they said that the spirit of ramadan has gone and how much better it was before.
    I habe to say the main sister is loud and shouts at the sisters like they are stupid
    It is so embarrassing and i have seen sister trying to pray and she shouts over them. It is not from the manners of the masjid to behave like this. No where in the masjid in saudi will you see such a thing. I understand that there is not much room but we always managed to make room before. It is so sad to see that sisters are not wanting to come to the masjid to benefit them al humdullillah
    May allah guide us to a better way

    • admin
      | Reply

      Dear Sister
      We rely on volunteers on the sisters side to maintain control during salatul taraweeh every night. We have advised them to be gentle and respectful towards the mussalleen after reading your complaint. We hope this will not happen again in the future. We apologise for any trouble you have experienced.

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