Ramadan Lecture Programme 2017

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You are all welcome to join us at the Luton Islamic Centre this Ramadan for:

 Daily Salatul Taraweeh (8 Rakah)
 Beautiful recitation of the Quran
 Daily food provided for iftaar
 Regular reminders after Salatul Taraweeh
 Weekly inspirational lectures by various speakers
 Facilities, taraweeh, Iftaar also for sisters
 Itikaaf in the last 10 days of Ramadan
 A welcoming and friendly congregation
 Everyone is welcome to join us



Our Imams this Ramadan

Imam Badr Elshaikh (Kuwait)

Imam Badr was born in Egypt and memorised Quran at the age of eleven.  He went on to study Tajweed and various other Islamic sciences at Al Azhar University. He graduated in 2001 with a degree in Islamic Studies.  After graduation he worked as an imam with the Egyption Ministry of Awqaf for many years.  He has also travelled extensively across Europe and the Middle East to work as an Imam.  Currently he lives and works in Kuwait.

Imam Abdellah Barkouch (Morocco)

Imam Abdellah studied Quran and memorisation at Markaz Bashair Al Mustakbil Institute in Marrakesh, Morocco.  Whilst there he also studied Arabic language and some poetry.  He has led Qiyam in many mosques including Masjid al Qadeem, Marrakesh.  He is the younger brother of Imam Uthman who was our Imam during Ramadan in 2014.

Imam Abdelhaq Lamnawar (Morocco)


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