Salafis are in the Forefront Against Violent Extremism

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A brief synopsis of the activities of Luton Islamic Centre

Following the murderous terrorist attacks in London on 3rd June, it has transpired that one of the killers, Khuram Butt was an active member of al- Muhājirūn.  Claims have been made that this attack, as well as previous terrorist attacks are inspired by “Wahhaabi” teachings which are promoted in Saudi funded mosques across the UK.

Despite the fact that no group or individual define themselves as Wahhaabi, this ill- defined and highly loaded word is used to scapegoat Salafis and to blame the latter for the violent radicalism in the Muslim community.

The beliefs of the Salafis are diametrically opposed to violent radical teachings.  Groups such as ISIS and al-Qaida are extremely hostile to Saudi Arabia, its scholars and the Salafi teachings. Salafis strongly discourage Muslims from joining groups fighting overseas, from political activism and they emphasise obedience to the leaders. This is a far cry from the teachings of violent radical groups and individuals.

So now back to al-Muhājirūn. This group was founded by Omar Bakri Muhmmad in the late 1990’s after a fall out with Hizb ul Tahrir. Al- Muhājirūn. become infamous for its highly offensive and provocative publicity stunts and was well known in the Muslim community for being cheer leaders for al-Qaida and later ISIS.  Anjem Choudhary later took over leadership of the group.

What has been the stance of Salafis towards al- Muhājirūn. Below are some of the activities by the Luton Islamic Centre – a Salafi mosque, in refutation of this group. Hopefully this will bury the unfounded allegation that the Salafi teachings lead to violent extremism.

The Luton Islamic Centre has published and distributed tens of thousands of leaflets, pamphlets, books against extremism, organised local and national conferences against extremist groups engaged with the media to publicly rebut the extremist discourse and physically removed Muhājirūn from the streets of Luton. The members of the latter group are banned from entering our Centre.


Removal of Muhājirūn from Luton streets

Luton Conference against Muhājirūn

Action against Anjem Choudary’s ‘Muslims against crusades” who planned to disrupt Royal wedding

Condemnation of Anjem Choudary’s proposed Wotten Basset March


National Anti ISIS conference in 2014

(attended by 2,000 people, members of the local police also in attendance)

Final Closing Statement of the Conference: Khilafah & Jihad

Leaflets Authored by the Luton Islamic Centre, printed and distributed across the UK

Pamphlets Authored by the Luton Islamic Centre and distributed across the UK

(each pamphlet is approx. 6000 -8000 words)

Books Published by Luton Islamic Centre

Research Papers by Luton Islamic Centre Refuting the Extremist Ideology

ISIS The Contemporary Kharijite Sect by Abdul Qadir Baksh
Is Anjem Choudhary A Qualified Islamic Judge Of A Shareeah Court In The UK
Acts of Terrorism in the Name of Islam Do Not Equate to Acts Condoned by Islam
Did the Khilafah End in 1924?

Luton Islamic Centre’s Fight Against Extremism

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