National Salafi Conference August 23 – 25 2019

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The Usool of Ahlul Hadith.


The purpose of this conference is to acquaint listeners with the history and struggle of the Ahl al Hadith movement which is as old as the four canonical schools of Islamic law.  The topics in the conference will look at how the four great Imams did not advocate anyone to reject divine laws based on adhering to their opinions.  By the end of the conference we hope listeners will understand how true Muslim unity can only be achieved by shunning the divisive effects of Madhab factionalism and returning to following divine legislation.

Below is the itinerary for the conference:

Download Itinerary


Further information:

  • The conference is open for both men and women
  • All talks will be translated into English.
  • Overnight accommodation available for brothers & sisters in the masjid
  • Free breakfast for guests staying overnight in the masjid (06:45am)
  • Dinner will be provided for all overnight staying guests (7:30pm)
  • Please note overnight stay is £20 for adults, £10 for under 16’s.


Invited Guests:

Shaykh Ali Hasan al Halabi – Senior scholar and student of Shaykh al Albani (rahimullah).

Shaykh Basium al Jawabrah – Senior scholar and student of Shaykh al Albani (rahimullah).

Shaykh Ahmed bin Murabit Ahmedou – Former Mufti of Mauritania

Shaykh Hussain al Awaishah – Senior scholar and student of Shaykh al Albani (rahimullah).

Shaykh Abdul Haq al Turkmani – Senior scholar from United Kingdom



All day parking is available at:

Beech Hill Conservative Club

18B Leagrave Rd,

Luton LU4 8HZ

Download Parking App: Phone & Pay

Location Code: 4720

Price = £6 for 24 hours

Otherwise parking is available on Bury Park Road and in Bury Park in the pay and display bays.  Max parking for 2 hours only and it is free to park after 6pm in the bays.


Nearby Hotels:

To book overnight stay at a local hotel in Luton please visit



Luton Islamic Centre

116 Bury Park Road



Contact: 07447 822 105 / 07444 590 020

Email:  [email protected]



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