Luton Islamic Centre

Since opening in 1994, Call to Islam Education Centre has continued to respond to the needs of our growing and diverse community, providing a place for the regular daily prayers in the heart of Luton, focused on the social and spiritual development and support of the entire community, and acting as a beacon for Muslims who are new to the faith, supporting and guiding them through correct Islamic teachings.

Our services and study provisions have also developed considerably, delivering Islamic Studies, an Arabic and Holy Qur’an Institute for adults and children, lectures, counselling, training, recreational and educational trips and more for people of all ages and backgrounds, with clear visions and missions to implement many more services that will provide a Masjid that is truly a centre of the community, as well as a place of prayer.

Our Missions and Goals

Call to Islam Education Centre is a registered charity focussed on spreading the message of Allâh and the essence of peace through correct Islamic teachings, to Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Through this mission, we seek to transform lives, breed excellence and meet the ever-changing needs of our local and wider community.

We are committed to encouraging success for all in this world and the next, by building the capacity of individuals, families, and organisations in our community to learn, thrive and achieve their worldly and spiritual goals in the light of Islamic values.

Our goal is to provide individuals from all backgrounds and ages with independent and interdependent benefits, leading to peaceful coexistence.

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