New Muslims

Support for New Muslims

Guiding Lights: Navigating the path of faith in accordance with the Book of Allah and His Messenger's Sunnah

Luton Islamic Centre is dedicated to conveying the true message of Islam within the local and national community. A part of the services we provide is supporting new Muslims.

We aim to achieve this by developing relationships and befriending new Muslims, with the aim and objective of portraying the true version of Islam and to support the new Muslim (male or female) in any issues that they may encounter, through any spiritual, emotional or social issues that may arise.

Luton Islamic Centre has conducted 100’s of Shahadas in the last 20 years, and supported dozens of new Muslims across Bedfordshire and beyond. We have a variety of resources available in the English Language. We also offer one-to-one support that is available throughout the week and on weekends.

Please fill out the form below to request support or ask any questions/concerns. You can also email us directly at for more information.